These sculptures make excellent additions to any room and excellent conversation starters. Who wouldn't be interested in a LEGO bracelet, or the LEGO vase on your dining room table? Show off your modern tastes with a small piece of LEGO décor.


General Ordering Information:

Before ordering a piece, understand that preparation and delivery can take eight to twelve weeks. The pieces on this website are works of art and must be constructed upon order.

Because I cannot guarantee my supplies of LEGO bricks, I reserve the right to cancel and fully refund orders within 48 hours via email.  Though I do not anticipate supplies problems, if such a shortage arises I will work with the purchaser to provide the same piece in the same color, or in a similar color, in a timely manner.

Purchasers outside the United States are subject to different shipping rates. International purchasers will be contacted with information about shipping costs after their order has been placed. After receiving a shipping bid, the purchaser may either pay for shipping or cancel their order for a full refund."

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